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Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH), a charitable organisation, seeks to provide quality care and services to elderly clients. By initiating and facilitating workplace learning interventions with CWLP, KWSH’s Staff Nurses are nurtured and empowered with critical ‘Thinking Nurse’ capabilities to respond any circumstances with agility and accuracy as well as to provide timely patient care intervention.

Read on to find out how KWSH manage to empower its nurses to think critically.

We are very pleased to have the IAL as our strategic partner in supporting KWSH to realise our Enterprise Transformation Journey through various initiatives that drive learning, productivity and innovation which have enabled us in delivering exceptional value and quality care.

— Ms. Jessy Chang Yut Keng (Director of Nursing)

A learning journey for everyone!

The ‘Thinking Nurse’ has yielded tangible benefits in reducing re-work and incidents of delayed treatment. The IAL workplace specialist is knowledgeable and has successfully guided us in adopting a critical thinking mindset into our nurses.

We will continue to embrace the critical thinking mindset and carry on with the Incident-based Sharing session (IBSS)to learn and share together on significant and impactful incidents with all our nurses.

— Ms. Sim Puay Cheng (Senior Nurse Educator)

It’s great that we have been very active in this ‘Thinking Nurse’ project. We have benefitted significantly from this journey.

As nurses know, seconds can often mean the difference to our residents.  With increasing responsibility, it’s imperative for nurses to be able to make quick, accurate decisions in response to any circumstances.

— Ms. Ang Ah Chee (Senior Nurse Manager)


As KWSH straddles the healthcare and social service industry, a tight labour market amidst a silver tsunami translates to a significant need for skilled nurses to take care of our eldercare community.

There is an apparent need to invest in human capital – i.e. to scale up capability of Staff Nurses to enable provision of higher value care services and to confidently lead new and junior nurses.


The project team started with the implementation of ‘Thinking Nurse’ workshops and empowering Staff Nurses to conduct Thinking Nurse workshops at respective wards.

To further reinforce the intent of ‘Thinking Nurse’ campaign, key attributes were incorporated into KWSH’s performance appraisal to augment its importance in the organisation’s culture as well as the launch of ‘Thinking Nurse’ at Nursing Town Hall.


Catch the Project Team in Action:


The project team together with support from Senior Management and inputs from IAL’s Learning Specialist, achieved the following:

  • Facilitation of peers to identify areas of concern and recommend suitable measures to improve work operations using Situation Behaviour Impact (SBI) performance feedback
  • Creation of mobile learning resources and posters to bring stories of ‘Thinking Nurse’ into all wards to inspire shared wisdom and confidence
  • Launch of ‘Thinking Nurse’ campaign at Nursing Town Hall in August 2018 and a biannual feature since 2019
  • Enhancement of the clarity and accuracy of critical incident medical reports based on Situation-Background-Action-Recommendation (SBAR)
  • Initiation of learning-sharing sessions of Incident-based Sharing Session (IBSS), identifying significant and impactful incidents with up to 70% nurses actively participating to critique solutions and generating new ideas


Source: workplacelearning