SkillsFuture Queen Bee

What Is SkillsFuture Queen Bee?

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) is a key anchor provider in the Kallang-Whampoa community, and had set up the Community Training Institute (CTI) in September 2018 to spearhead innovation and workplace improvement and offer contextualised training programmes to Community Care Organisations (CCOs). With a vision to support the rapidly aging Singapore population and transform the community care sector, KWSH has stepped up amongst the CCOs to pioneer a regional community healthcare system in the Central Singapore region.

The community care sector today also faces many challenges – heavy reliance on manual processes, over-stretched care staff, insufficient skilled talent, and skills gaps in digital technologies and data analytics. The sector also lacks the necessary resources and expertise to embark on technology, innovation and process improvements. With KWSH established as an anchor organisation, the SkillsFuture Queen Bee partnership will also mobilise other players in the community care sector to enhance skills and improve standard of care.

SkillsFuture Queen Bee refers to industry leaders/anchor organisations that attract and influence other companies (in particular SMEs), to scale up employer-initiated skills development efforts and help extend the reach of the SkillsFuture movement. SSG will partner such companies to leverage their best practices and cutting-edge know-how, co-creating skills and training solutions such as training and workplace learning, and tapping on their network to level up the skills capability of SMEs.

Specifically, KWSH will be established as a Queen Bee company through:

Technology and Process Innovation Projects: Using an integrated approach of enterprise change management, KWSH will work with other Community Care Organisations (CCOs) to develop pilot solutions for technology and/or process improvement. Platforms will also be provided for CCOs and value chain partners to increase productivity and accelerate technology adoption.

Skills Training and Workshops: The KWSH CTI will deliver masterclasses to leaders and professionals within the CCOs and their value chain partners to analyse business environments, develop strategies and monitor effectiveness. KWSH will also conduct workshops covering topics relevant to CCOs, such as digitalisation, change management, agile thinking and digital transformation, to strengthen their service delivery model.

Employment and Placement: KWSH will develop jobs-skills expertise through Work-
Study programmes, to facilitate effective linkage between the curriculum and the needs of the workplace and industry, as well as to provide opportunities for Singaporeans to access expanded employment opportunities in the community care sector.

Eligible CCOs and/or employees may be granted a subsidy from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) of up to 90% for courses and mentorship support.

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