Training Courses

100 hands-on training courses, clinical and non-clinical areas, delivered with great quality yet affordable


Easily Accessible

Approximately 5mins walk from Boon Keng Mrt Station(NE9) & 3mins walk from Bus stop (B60101)


Full Facilities

KWSH has undergone the most extensive redevelopment in its history to be transformed into an integrated community hub.

Community Training Institute

Community Training Institute (CTI) strives to drive the development of the community care sector and the training of its staff. It embarks on this agenda with quality education and community sector partners. With the breadth and depth of services provided by KWSH, ranging from residential care to day care, home care and even TCM services, CTI together with its partners add value to trainees with hands-on blended training programmes, which are contextualised to suit the community care sector.

In collaboration with its partners, CTI provides courses which cover clinical and non-clinical areas.

Our Courses

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) is appointed by AIC’s (Agency for Integrated Care) as the Learning Institute for the Community Care sector. Course fee subsidies from AIC are available for staff working in eligible Community Care organisations.

For enquiries, please call 6422 1300 or email CTI@kwsh.org.sg

If you are already using the AIC Learning Management System (LMS), please register directly in the LMS.

Otherwise, please download the Course Registration Form and email to CTI@kwsh.org.sg

Programmes for mental health problems in older persons such as depression, dementia, anxiety, psychosis and confusion as well as psychosocial counselling

Clinical training programmes; advanced clinical skills and evidenced-based training skills

Health management and sports rehabilitation programmes for the Elderly

Healthcare quality and services programmes for Executives and Management level staff

Healthcare analytics & informatics programmes

Programmes on Compensation Management, Employment Acts and Digital Workforce

Conversational dialect language courses for healthcare staff (e.g. Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay etc.) and cultural awareness training programmes

Programmes on developing media and communication materials; developing media engagement strategies; writing skills for effective communication with patients and caregivers

Programmes on LEAN-related care quality improvement techniques and process innovation.


    In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and MOH’s Health Advisory, all participants attending CTI courses at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) will need to have their temperature screened at our Triage counter. Participants should monitor their health closely, see a doctor promptly if they are unwell and inform the doctor of any travel and contact history. Participants exhibiting fever and/or other symptoms of respiratory illness should wear a mask and seek immediate medical attention. We would like to assure you that our team is well prepared and have activated all precautions to ensure the safety of our participants. Hand sanitizers are provided at our training rooms. We have stepped up cleaning of our training facility and equipment. The classroom layout has been set up to ensure appropriate social distancing. We strive to provide the same high level of service to you during this challenging period and we will keep you updated of any changes to our operations as the situation evolves.

    In line with the national measures announced in response to COVID-19, we will be adjusting our delivery of training and have transformed some of our classes to Online Learning using video-conferencing tools.

    Stay safe and thank you for your continued support.