ITE Skills Certificate in Healthcare – Home Care (Basic)


Course Overview

This course aims to equip participants with knowledge of basic healthcare and home care such as providing oral feeding, personal grooming, and hygiene services. On course completion, participants will be able to work as Health Care Assistants (HCA) in the Community Care sector especially in the nursing homes.

This course consisted of 2 main components:

Off-The-Job/Classroom Training (120 hours) at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) over 17 weeks (1 full day per week)

On-The-Job Training (1600 hours) at respective nursing homes over 6 months program for staff with nursing certificate or 12 months program for staff with a non-nursing certificate.



Off-the-Job Training (Total of 3 modules)

Basic Health Care

This module aims to equip participants with the knowledge on how to measure and record height and weight of patients, body temperature, radial pulse, and respiration, blood pressure, perform handwashing, do a blood test for glucose, test urine, instill eye drops/ eye ointment/ ear drops/ nose drops on patients and instruct patients on their uses, handle body fluids, collect specimens, orientate patients to healthcare facilities, handle telephone calls and complaints, attend to enquires and requests, assist doctors in physical examinations, turn/ move/ transfer/ ambulate patients, give oxygen therapy, assist in giving nebulizer treatment, render first aid in emergencies, change dressing/ dress cuts and wounds, apply bandages and perform adult one-man CPR.


Home & In-patient Care

This module aims to equip participants with the knowledge on how to perform oral hygiene, take and record observations of urine outputs, etc, provide grooming needs, bathe patients or assist them in baths, perform bed bathing, perform dressing and undressing of patients, provide skincare and foot care, assist patients in the use of mobility devices, perform urinary catheter and drainage system care, serve and set up and clean up patients after meals, assist patients in eating or drinking/ feed patients, perform pressure sore preventive measures, assist patients in elimination needs, insert a laxative suppository, give a simple enema, set up and perform suctioning, perform cold/ hot compress, perform saving, answer patients’ call bells and assist in last offices.


Home Care

This module aims to equip participants with the knowledge on how to prepare simple meals, administer subcutaneous insulin injections, perform gastrostomy/ Naso-gastro feeding, perform colostomy care, perform intermittent catheterization on female patients, assist with the administration of oral medication and maintain simple records of patients’ status/ medical appointments and visits.


On-the-Job Training

To ensure that the participants are competent in the On-the-Job training tasks, KWSH trainers will visit the participant at their workplace 2 times during their 6 months or 1-year course duration to monitor their On-the-Job (OJT) progress as well as to receive updates from the assigned preceptors. Please note that the 2 OJT site-visits are compulsory.


Please Note:

A minimum of 75% attendance will be required for you to complete the programme and receive your certificate.

Target Participants

Nursing Aide or Health Care Assistant in the Community Care sector such as Nursing Homes, Community Hospitals, etc. Participants can look forward to employment opportunities in the Community Care sector with excellent opportunities for career advancement.

Course Details

Date/ Time

9am – 5pm


Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
705 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328127

Course Trainers

This course is approved by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and delivered by ITE-approved trainers from KWSH. This course will be delivered by KWSH staff who are the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) approved trainers. KWSH is appointed by the ITE as the Industry Training Centre for the Community Care Care Sector for the ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) in Healthcare (Home Care & Dementia Care) and the Certified On The Job Training Center (COJTC).

Ms Sim Puay Cheng

Assistant Director, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Ms Sim Puay Cheng is a highly-experienced nurse leader with over 30 years of clinical experience and is currently working as a Senior Nurse Educator at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH). She holds several qualifications: Master of Arts (Human Resource Development) (SIM-George Washington University, USA / 1999), Bachelor of Nursing (La Trobe University, Australia / 1993), Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (National Institute of Education / Singapore / 2013), and WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (CBLD, Singapore / 2010). Her area of specialization includes critical care, gerontology, infection control and nursing education.

Fiona Tan

Senior Nurse Educator, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Ms Fiona Tan is a Senior Nurse Educator in KWSH with over 16 years of experience in the healthcare clinical and education industry. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Nursing, and an Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Medical-Surgical). Her area of specialisation includes Medical-Surgical nursing, Training and Development for nurses, allied health workers and nursing students. Prior to joining KWSH, Ms Fiona has worked in both restructured and private hospitals as well as primary healthcare setting in Singapore. Her vast experiences and contributions have won her numerous National accolades such as The Courage Fund Healthcare Humanity Awards (2020) and the MOH Nurses’ Merit Award (2015).

Course Fees: $3496.73 (excluding GST). Prevailing course fee subsidy at 90% for Singaporeans/PRs and 45% for foreign staff working in eligible community care organizations.

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