Singapore University of Social Sciences

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Dr Kelvin Tan

Head, Minor in Applied Ageing Studies programme

Dr Kelvin is Head of Programme in Applied Ageing Studies and senior lecturer and Mentor/Domain Expert in Gerontology and Innovation programmes in Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

He is a honorary Research Fellow in The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Sau Po Center on Ageing and also fellow of the Taiwan Fellowship Programme.

His recent research work include Social robots and older persons was funded by the Ministry of Education Start-up Research Funding and IoT Ring for HRV measure with exercise routines. In peer review of research work, he has supported topics such as technology acceptance by older persons, caregiver burnout and social robots.

He is an active volunteer in community sustainability project in East Coast Singapore and ibasho SG in Health District@Queenstown. He also partners with MIDEA/Toshiba’s CSR programme in Southwest CDC as CSR give-back to the community. In 2022, SUSS was recognised for its efforts by the People’s Association Community Spirit Award.

Kelvin leads the SUSS-NUNCHI MARINE Age Well Programme, launched in Dec 2022. He holds various advisory roles in One&Co (Japan East Rail), Ageing Asia, People’s Association, GreenSpace+ and Yincubator. He mentors startups in the field of social enterprise, healthcare, smart cities and sustainability.

Prior to SUSS, he was the Director for Corporate Partnerships, Innovation and Entrepreneur Division, in National University of Singapore (NUS). His team spearheaded open innovation initiatives with top-tier institutions overseas, corporate accelerators (SIA, Loreal, Mercedes Benz and DSTA) and co-creation partners. Concurrently, he was the Business Development Director in NUS Smart Systems Institute which translates research in AI, Cognitive technology, IoT, Natural Language translation and Data Analytics for commercialisation.

He has co-founded a startup in multimedia technologies for smart devices. His experience spanned across diverse roles in policy making, R&D, strategic alliances, business and product development in HP, AT&T, KDDI and Telecommunication Authority of Spore.