Monitoring and Management Client’s Health Status (Basic)


Course Overview

This programme aims to equip participants with the clinical knowledge and skills essential for assessing and managing common symptoms in acutely unwell adults. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  1. Identify common acute symptoms
  2. Describe the management approaches to acute symptoms
  3. Highlight the relevance of medical history
  4. Perform the basic steps in physical assessment and examination, vital signs for the following conditions:
a) Cardiovascular
b) Respiratory
c) Gastro-intestinal
d) Neurological / Systemic

Please Note:

A minimum of 75% attendance will be required for you to complete the programme and receive your certificate.

Target Participants

Nursing staff working in the community hospital, nursing home or residential aged care setting

Course Details

Date/ Time

  • 17 July 2024
  • 2 October 2024

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital @ Potong Pasir
51 Potong Pasir Ave 1,
Singapore 358400

Course Trainers

This course is delivered by trainers from Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and St Andrew’s Community Hospital.

Ms Wei LingLing

Senior Nurse Educator, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Ms Wei LingLing is a Senior Nurse Educator with Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital. With 20 years of experience specializing in clinical training across a variety of healthcare systems and cultural settings.

  • Her career has spanned diverse nursing positions including staff RN in the ICU, Clinical Database Specialist, Lecturer and Regional Clinical Educator. She holds a Master of Health Services Management from Griffith University.
  • She has won numerous awards for her commitment and contributions to the nursing profession, including Excellent Service Award and COVID-19 Resilience Medal.
  • She is a firm believer in lifelong learning and the endless possibilities that exist for committed public health professionals to positively impact the public’s health.

Fiona Tan

Senior Nurse Educator, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Ms Fiona Tan is a Senior Nurse Educator in KWSH with over 16 years of experience in the healthcare clinical and education industry. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Nursing, and an Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Medical-Surgical). Her area of specialisation includes Medical-Surgical nursing, Training and Development for nurses, allied health workers and nursing students. Prior to joining KWSH, Ms Fiona has worked in both restructured and private hospitals as well as primary healthcare setting in Singapore. Her vast experiences and contributions have won her numerous National accolades such as The Courage Fund Healthcare Humanity Awards (2020) and the MOH Nurses’ Merit Award (2015).

Course Fees: $262.25 (excluding GST)

Prevailing course fee subsidy at 90% for Singaporeans/ PRs and 45% for foreign staff working in eligible community care organisations.

Please register for the course via AIC Learning Management System (LMS 2.0).

Contact us:

(65) 6422-1300