The Art of Service Recovery (Basic)


Course Overview


Occasionally, service lapses can happen even at the most customer centric organizations, and the cost of service failure can be immense. Apart from the instant cost of rectifying the issue, even more symbolic can be the future eroding of revenues and profits emerging from a loss of customers and the adverse impact on the organization’s reputation. Hence, effectiveness service recovery is not just about addressing the issues and putting things right immediately. It is also about letting customers know how much we care for them and appreciate their support and loyalty.



The objective of this course is to highlight the goal of service recovery. Learners will gain the understanding of service breakdowns from a customers’ viewpoint and use the knowledge gained as a competitive tool. The course would help learners to identify key concepts and principles of a service recovery strategy. Learners can identify and implement service recovery plans to win back customers by applying the guidelines in handling service breakdowns.



  1. Understanding what is service recovery
  2. Importance of service recovery
  3. Benefits of service recovery
  4. What happens in service recovery
  5. Communication strategies in service recovery
  6. Taking the HEAT
  7. Role play


Please Note:

A minimum of 75% attendance will be required for you to complete the programme and receive your certificate.

Target Participants

All Healthcare frontline, support operational staff

Course Details

Date/ Time

1 March 2023

31 May 2023

30 August 2023

Time: 9 AM to 5.30 PM


Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

705 Serangoon Road

Singapore 328127

Course Trainers

KWSH is delivering the course in partnership with the Parkway College

Mr Jahangeer Jamaludden

Director, Parkway College of Nursing & Allied Health

Mr Jahangeer Jamaludden is the director of Parkway College of Nursing & Allied Health Pte Ltd. He is specialised in organisational development and organisational’s training needs. He has conducted several corporate training programmes (eg. Career Planning and Coaching, Interviewing Skills, First Line Management, Teambuilding and Customer Service) in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, China and Kazakhstan

He also develops and conducts in-house programmes on leadership, teambuilding, customer service and other quality related training programmes. Jahan works closely with Skillsfuture Singapore to implement competency based learning and assessment for organization.

Course Fees: $294.58 (excluding GST)

Prevailing course fee subsidy at 90% for Singaporeans/ PRs and 45% for foreign staff working in eligible community care organisations.

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