Goshen Consultancy Services Pte Ltd

List of Mentor(s):



Lim Hwee Er

Director and Principal Consultant

Hwee Er is a highly accomplished Director and Principal Consultant known for her exceptional expertise in clinical and business domains. As the founder of Goshen Consultancy Services Pte Ltd, she has established a remarkable track record of partnering with non-profit organizations and government entities to implement sustainable practices.

Trained as an Occupational Therapist, Hwee Er’s career spans clinical and non-clinical service settings. Her unwavering commitment lies in supporting community care and social service organizations to achieve outstanding client impact through innovative solutions. One of her accomplishments was introducing the use of iPads for persons living with dementia and the use of humanoids in senior care facilities.

Renowned for her leadership and direction, Hwee Er has spearheaded numerous productivity projects, conducting process reviews, job redesigns, and implementing cutting-edge technology adoption within social service and community care organizations. She has also excelled in leading meetings, workshops, and workgroups for process optimization in nursing homes and social service organizations.

Hwee Er possesses a unique talent for assessing, analyzing, and translating social service and community care needs. Her expertise extends to developing customized service models, evaluation tools, and measurements, ensuring the successful implementation and evaluation of productivity initiatives and outcomes.

Her consultancy services are highly sought-after, particularly in promoting Person-Centered Care within disability and eldercare services. A collaborative professional, Hwee Er thrives in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary service models, consistently delivering exceptional care services. Her contributions have revolutionized the landscape of community care and social service organizations, making her a highly valued and impactful consultant.



Lee Mei Ping

Director and Principal Consultant

Mei Ping, a dedicated leader and Co-founder of Goshen Consultancy Services revolutionizes care practices and drives organizational excellence. With vast experience and unwavering passion, she helps organizations adopt scalable solutions for improved care. Mei Ping’s active membership in the C12 CEO Roundtable emphasizes her commitment to ethical leadership and collaboration with influential peers, driving meaningful change in the industry.

Known for identifying and implementing innovative solutions, Mei Ping enhances productivity, elevates service quality, and maximizes organizational efficiency. She uses deep industry understanding to guide community care and social service organizations towards sustainable growth and impactful outcomes.

Mei Ping excels at facilitating the adoption of forward-thinking approaches like process improvement, job redesign, and technology integration, empowering organizations to unlock their full potential and deliver enhanced care experiences.

Her dedication to continuous learning is evident through comprehensive training programs that equip professionals and caregivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Mei Ping’s commitment to staying ahead of emerging trends ensures that organizations are well-prepared to navigate the evolving care sector.

As a visionary leader, Mei Ping inspires transformation within the care sector, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and communities. With relentless dedication and an innovative approach, she shapes the future of care delivery, driving positive change.



Sharon Lee

Senior Consultant

Sharon is a skilled facilitator and senior consultant at Goshen, specializing in driving impactful change within community care and social service organizations. With over a decade of experience, she possesses the expertise to guide teams effectively and achieve successful outcomes.

In digital transformation, Sharon assesses needs, provides tailored recommendations, and leads empowering workshops for social service agencies. Her facilitation skills foster collaboration, ensuring efficient project execution and goal attainment.

As a project manager, Sharon excels in organizing milestones, coordinating activities, and engaging stakeholders. Her adept facilitation fosters clear communication and teamwork, resulting in high satisfaction ratings and successful project outcomes.

Sharon’s facilitation extends to process analysis and productivity optimization. She guides teams in identifying areas for improvement, streamlining processes, and implementing innovative solutions. Her facilitation expertise drives significant gains in productivity and cost savings.

Moreover, Sharon’s facilitation includes curriculum and courseware development. She designs engaging learning experiences tailored to the specific needs of social service agencies. Her facilitation equips staff with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Sharon’s facilitation skills make her a valuable asset, driving positive change within the community care and social service sector. Her ability to guide teams, foster collaboration, and achieve tangible results exemplifies her effectiveness as a facilitator and consultant.



Wayne Ng


Wayne is a Consultant at Goshen, who has proven himself as a results-oriented consultant with a strong background in project management, process analysis, optimization, and change management.

Wayne has successfully led consultancy projects for residential homes across Singapore, providing valuable support to care staff in delivering person-centred care. His ability to organize and manage conferences with large attendance showcases his organizational prowess, as he ensures the smooth administration of programmes focused on process management, and service excellence.

Wayne’s expertise also lies in process analysis and optimization. He has assisted social service and healthcare organizations in reviewing their operational processes, implement revised processes, and develop SOPs. Through his analytical approach, Wayne identifies inefficiencies and streamlines workflows, ultimately improving overall organizational efficiency.

With his proficiency in change management, Wayne has demonstrated the ability to plan, pilot, and implement changed processes and programs. By conducting comprehensive impact assessments and progress evaluations, he ensures the achievement of targets and the sustainability of positive changes. Wayne is also adept at providing planning guidelines for stakeholder management, communication plans, and SOPs, ensuring effective and enduring organizational change.

Wayne’s extensive experience and skills make him a valuable asset in driving operational excellence, service improvement, and sustainable change for social service and healthcare organizations. His commitment to delivering successful outcomes and lasting impact sets him apart as a highly competent and reliable consultant.