Communications Skills (Intermediate)


Course Overview

Course description/aim

  1. Understand the basics of Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written Communications.
  2. Use proven techniques to improve communications, reduce conflict & increase productivity.


Course objectives/outline

On completion of the course, participants will have better communications skills in daily operations.

  1. Learn the classic communication model.
  2. Be able to confidently craft verbal communication messages.
  3. Be able to craft effective email / written messages.
  4. Know and use verbal & non-verbal techniques in your messaging.
  5. Know ‘hot buttons’ of your readers/recipients.
  6. Learn & practice ‘Go-To-Source’ techniques to clarify miscommunications.
  7. Be receptive to the mood and energy when communicating.
  8. Pace & adjust your delivery for the listener.
  9. Learn to ask for feedback from your audience for improving your presentations.
  10. Participate in simulated case study / classroom practicum related to your area of communications and receive feedback from the trainers.
  11. Observe course mates and give them feedback during their classroom case study practicum.


Please Note:

A minimum of 75% attendance will be required for you to complete the programme and receive your certificate.

Target Participants

For care staff who have supervisory and guiding role; and influences workplace/processes eg: Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Senior Therapist/Principle Therapist, Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse, Nurse Manager, Nurse Clinician, Nurse Educator, Executive, Senior Executive, Manager, Allied Health Professional.

Course Details

Date/ Time

22 March 2022

4 October 2022

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM


Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
705 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328127

Course Trainers

KWSH is delivering the course in partnership with the Facilitators Network Singapore.


Mr Prabu Naidu

Facilitative Trainer & Consultant, FNS

Mr Prabu, Co-founded the Facilitators Network in 2004 to upscale the competencies of facilitators in Singapore and the region. He has twenty years of MNC experience (1980-1999) with Philips, AT&T and Compaq and nineteen years (2000-2018) of training, facilitation and consulting  work in  organisational development. Mr Prabu designed and delivered numerous OD interventions for MNCs, SMEs, Government departments & not-for-profit organisations in Singapore and regionally for MNEs & SMEs. His lectures at professional institutions are always well received by the students as all his lectures are very engaging and facilitative and Co-authored SPOT on Facilitation in 2011. Mr Prabu is the Master trainer of Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) and the Board member of INIFAC to develop facilitation in the Asian region.

Mr Mohamed Sabarudin Bin Mohd Hashim

Associate Trainer and Facilitator, Facilitators Network Singapore

Mr Mohamed is a Certified Faciliator and Associated Memory Trainer. He is  currently an Associate Facilitator & Trainer in FNS. He has over 8 years of experience facilitating meetings across organisation levels, for both private and government organisations, locally and regionally; using standards and best practices recognised by International Institute of Facilitation (INIFAC).; over 18 years of   experience in facilitative training in workshop settings and over 12 years of public-speaking experience in conference-style events, seminars and customised teambuilding retreats.

Course Fees: $525.30 (excluding GST).

Prevailing course fee subsidy at 90% for Singaporeans/ PRs and 45% for foreign staff working in eligible community care organisations.

Please register for the course via AIC Learning Management System (LMS 2.0).

Contact us:

(65) 6422-1300