Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

In partnership with ST Engineering, KWSH implemented the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to automate transportation for essential services such as meal and linen delivery. Not only did the AMR allowed for a more reliable and consistent point-to-point delivery system, but it also reduced the manpower required in transporting activities. As a result, ward staff who used to deliver meals/linens are now freed-up to engage in other value-added services.

To ensure successful implementation, KWSH conducted a time motion study of the AMR. This includes identifying every action taken by the robots (i.e., loading the trolley, travelling to lift lobby, waiting for lift, reconnecting WiFi, traveling to ward entrance, and unloading the trolley) and documenting the time taken for each action. The time motion study allowed for an understanding of the AMR’s efficiency, as well as for the ward staff to sync their activities with the AMR’s expected schedule.