Agile Thinking – Learning to be more fast, nimble and flexible (Intermediate)

Agile Thinking – Learning to be more fast, nimble and flexible (Intermediate)


Course Overview


‘Agile’ is a phrase that is currently getting a lot of attention, but exactly what is it, and what is the basic thinking behind it?  From education and work experience, we have generally been taught to think in a very linear way, where we were expected to follow rigid, pre-defined processes and experimentation was frowned upon.  But today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing world demands us to be quick and nimble, not slow and rigid, and embrace a new mental framework of creativity, try-out, and re-iteration.  This new reality requires a new way of thinking:  simple, flexible, non-linear patterns of thought, continuous feedback loops, regular reflection, team co-creation, and an environment where experimentation is not punished but actually welcomed.  This new mental model is the essence of what is known as Agile Thinking, an essential mind skill to master if we want to be successful in the Digital Age.



The aim of this course is to equip you with the right thinking, mindset and habits that are needed to be more Agile: being unafraid of risk and willing to experiment, embracing failure, rapidly trying out new ideas, and quickly iterating in the pursuit of perfection for the Customer.  At the end of this workshop, you will be able to understand the basic thinking patterns that are essential to achieve agility, nimbleness and speed.  Participants will gain a critically important skill to help you and your organisation be more competitive in the fast-moving Digital Age.


Course Outline:

During and after the training you will:

  1. Get to know the brief historical context and comparison between the new ‘Digital Age’ practices versus traditional practices
  2. Understand what Agile Thinking is, how it relates to Agile methods, and how it is a critical enabler for us to be successful in the new Digital Age, the new normal that requires us to master the art of Agility
  3. Learn the various elements of Agile Thinking. Each element will be explored in enough detail so that the learner understands them at a knowledge level.   Examples, videos and exercises will be used to reinforce the concepts learned
  4. Understand how Agile Thinking is relevant to us in the Digital Age, relating it to enhanced Quality, Customer Experience, Innovation, Responsiveness and Teamwork.
  5. Learn how to apply Agile Thinking by adopting specific Habits, Practices and Routines that can help us improve in both our professional careers as well as our personal lives.
  6. Participate in group discussions on how Agile Thinking can be used to solve the challenges of our times


Please Note:

A minimum of 75% attendance will be required for you to complete the programme and receive your certificate.

Target Participants

Staff and professionals who are proactive in nature and wish to be on the leading edge of their personal journeys towards overall excellence.

Course Details

Date/ Time

4 May 2022

3 October 2022

Time: 9.00 AM to 5:30 PM


Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
705 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328127

Course Trainers

KWSH is delivering the course in partnership with Lean Enterprise Southeast Asia.

John S. Hamalian

Director, Lean Enterprise Southeast Asia

Mr John S. Hamalian is the director for Lean Enterprise Southeast Asia and is also the owner & G.M. of Sustainable Organizational Excellence. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Fordham University, USA (1996) and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University, USA (1991). With more than 20 years of experience in leading improvement/innovation activities and delivering training, Mr John has worked in various other companies such as Dell Global B.V. (Singapore) as the regional director, General Motors Asia-Pacific (India & Korea) as the director for lean management system, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (Korea) as the senior manager – competitive operations, General Motors Lansing Grand River Operation (USA) as the management advisor on lean implementation and Shanghai General Motors, Jin Qiao Operation (China) as the Production Manager. His area of specialization includes innovation, digital-age management and leadership, lean/agile/design thinking, organizational excellence, change & transformation, operations management, strategy and organizational development. He is also extensively involved in training front-line staff, professionals and executives in many companies and institutions.

Course Fees: $525.30 (excluding GST)

Prevailing course fee subsidy at 90% for Singaporeans/ PRs and 45% for foreign staff working in eligible community care organisations.

Please register for the course via AIC Learning Management System (LMS 2.0).

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