aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd

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Jacqueline Gwee

Director & Founder

Jacqueline is the Director and Founder of aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd, a business consultancy firm based in Singapore and serving its clients in Asia. Organisations that find great value in aAdvantage Consulting’s services are typically companies that are undergoing restructuring, culture & service transformation, and talent management challenges.

Established 20 years ago, aAdvantage Consulting’s key propositions are to help businesses transform, maximise the potential of their people and develop customer loyalty. Today, the firm has a team of about 25 staff with specialised capabilities in research, human capital, organisational development, leadership development, & culture transformation

Jacqueline leads the Human Capital & Transformation, Research and Process & Technology Enablement areas within aAdvantage Consulting. She has worked with clients from a range of industries including government, healthcare, manufacturing, trading, engineering and social services.