NUS Institute of Systems Science (NUS-ISS)

Professional Certificate in Process Innovation

Workshop Dates
10 May 2023
24 May 2023
6 June 2023
21 June 2023
5 July 2023

For more information on the Professional Certificate in Process Innovation program, you may refer to the program outline, or view NTUC Health’s and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities’ past journey with NUS-ISS.

List of Mentor(s):



Bethia Chua

Consultant, Smart Health Leadership Centre

Bethia is a Lecturer and Consultant from the Smart Health Leadership Centre at the NUS Institute of System Science.

Bethia has more than 12 years of healthcare, service innovation, marketing and business experience in both public and private sectors. Prior to joining NUS-ISS, Bethia has spent years in the public healthcare institutions specialising in business and technology innovation, operations transformation and service quality management. Bethia’s people-centric disposition undergirds her involvement in numerous continuous improvement projects to improve patient’s experience.

Before joining the healthcare industry, Bethia led marketing campaigns and branding strategies for the private sector. Being naturally inquisitive and armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bethia was a co-creator of a food and beverage joint in her early years. She enjoys the rigour of a start-up business and is resourceful in meeting its challenges.

Bethia graduated with a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, and a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Management from University of London, England, United Kingdom.



Brian Ng

Consultant, Smart Health Leadership Centre

Brian is a Lecturer and Consultant from the Smart Health Leadership Centre at the NUS Institute of System Science and a Fellow at the MOH Office for Transformation.

Brian has more than 9 years of experience in driving transformation projects within the health and social sector. His work in healthcare granted him opportunities to tackle the complex needs of patients and care providers through facilitating lean process improvement and innovation projects in hospitals, and the planning of a new integrated hospital campus. As a Service Designer working in Italy and Switzerland, Brian had the opportunity to design and research for international companies such as Netflix, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Capgemini.  Motivated by designing for social good and innovations that better lives for patients, he seeks opportunities that allow him to create impact and enrich the lives of others.

Brian graduated with a Master’s Degree in Service Design from Politecnico di Milano, Milan Italy, and a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology from the National University of Singapore.