Nanyang Polytechnic

List of Mentor(s):



Dr Sophia Wei

Manager (Artificial Intelligence Group), School of Engineering, Nanyang Polytechnic

Sophia is the manager of the NYP-Microsoft Centre for Applied AI (C4AI), a one-stop facility to accelerate AI adoption across industries. She is also the course manager for the Diploma in AI & Data Engineering. Her expertise is in applied artificial intelligence, data engineering, cloud technologies and distributed computing. She also has more than two decades’ R&D experience, helping industry partners launch and commercialise products

As the manager of the C4AI, Sophia looks into AI adoption in healthcare, as one of its five key focus areas. Some examples of what she has achieved include using the AI platform to accelerate healthcare application development and using face recognition as a form of registration for emergency departments.



Kong Wai Ming

Lead Specialist (Computational Analysis), School of Engineering, Nanyang Polytechnic

Wai Ming is a Lead Specialist (Computational Analysis) at the Biomedical Engineering and Materials Group, School of Engineering. He holds a doctorate degree in computer science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. His areas of research include AI, Geographical Information System (GIS), image processing, and computer graphics.

Wai Ming has a passion for using technology to solve workplace problems. He is the project leader of several grant projects and has delivered solutions in areas such as human gait analysis, food consumption analysis, and navigation solutions for the visually impaired. He has also developed new Augmented Reality (AR) teaching apps to provide fun and interactive learning experiences for students.

Wai Ming is in the organising committees for international conferences and is actively involved in promoting innovation and research in healthcare and many areas.